Fixed price 5,000 USD/ 4,000 GBP
Duration: 5 Days 

Are you thinking of moving your hosting provider and looking into Microsoft Azure? Take advantage of our fixed price package for a quick and seamless transition. 

Top 5 Wins when moving to Azure 

Scalability. Ability to scale resources up and down. You pay only for what you are using. If there is an increase in business (i.e. seasonal fluctuations) you can easily scale your servers to handle the increase without having to pay a premium throughout the year. 

Infrastructure. Azure reduces the cost of your infrastructure; you don’t need physical servers in special rooms with a dedicated IT team to maintain and support. Depending on your set-up you can enjoy a significant cost saving. 

Accessibility. You can access your data on the cloud any time at any location without the need to be on premise. No need to visit the datacentres. 

Security. Your data is secure, Azure holds your data in multiple locations with at least 3 copies of your data on separate nodes. Any security vulnerability hotfixes are applied automatically removing the need and the worry of emergency fix deployments. 

Speed. It’s pretty quick to set up and configure the Azure virtual machines. Selecting a competent vendor like Discover Digital will ensure a quick and smooth transition to your new hosting environment.     

Furthermore if you are a Non For Profit Organisation you can benefit from a range of discounts provided by Microsoft as part of their Tech For Social Impact Programme. To find out more get in touch today at 

Your Transition Package

Your fixed price Microsoft Azure Transition Package includes:

  • Review your current hosting solution
  • Review your hosting requirements (traffic levels, performance targets etc)
  • Your new Azure Architecture
  • Transition your Website to Azure 
  • Sample Support & Maintenance package 

Next Steps post Migration

  • Support & Maintenance package for your transitioned implementation
  • Development Support