Bettersafe Products is a relatively new entrant into the general insurance market.

Bettersafe’s primary focus is on developing competitively priced, quality niche personal lines products for markets which remain underdeveloped and in which Bettersafe is confident it can quickly build significant, profitable premium volumes.

Bettersafe’s products include:

  • Excess Protection, both for motor vehicle (private and fleet) and home
  • Car Hire Excess protection
  • Premium Waiver

Discover Digital was asked to develop a website for Bettersafe Products Ltd. that will be used, initially, for selling Insurance Excess Protection and Car Hire Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Protection. The site enables customers to obtain quotes and purchase Excess Protection for private motor vehicle, commercial van, home/contents and lifestyle insurance policies, as well as Car Hire CDW Protection. Payment clearance through the APCO payment gateway and documents issue are handled directly online.

Another requirement of the Bettersafe site is to allow different role accesses.

  • SEO administrators are only able to edit the website content.
  • Policy administrators can manage the policies (e.g. cancel policies or do partial refunds), but can’t edit the contents.
  • Company accountants are only able to search, view and download the custom reports (Sage 50 Accounting reports and daily sales reports).
  • Bettersafe power users can complete all of the above functions and, so, can manage content, retrieve policies, manage policies and download a series of custom reports.

The most challenging aspect of the project was the integration of one of the Bettersafe products with their partner ComparaMeglio’s website which is in Italian. The quote forms, payment gateway page, and order confirmation page (which are displayed inside an iframe on the ComparaMeglio site), and the associated custom tables reside on the Bettersafe site. While, of course, all the other UK products use English.
The Bettersafe website also requires the downloading and emailing of a number of documents at the point of purchasing a policy. Two of these are fixed PDF documents (Key Facts and Policy Wording). A Covering Letter and Policy Schedule are required to be dynamically created to include the policyholder and policy information.

Discover Digital developed the insurance excess quote pages, by using custom table forms with localized strings, and the custom APCO payment gateway integrated with Kentico which supports 3D-Secure and tokenisation. These pages are embedded into the iframe on the ComparaMeglio website and work seamlessly with the current workflow.

Discover Digital developed a proprietary solution for dynamic PDF document generation, based on Microsoft Word templates. Providing for both English and Italian language versions, templates for a covering letter and individual schedules for each product are required.

Discover Digital also provided a solution for integrating Sage Instant Accounts with the Bettersafe / ComparaMeglio transactions. An administrator function in the website is able to generate a CSV file which contains all Audit Trail transactions. This CSV file is in the exact format required by the import function in Sage Instant Accounts.

Particular attention has been paid, also, to the user interface design with different languages to ensure a smooth and efficient customer journey.

Bettersafe’s website provides online insurance excess for selling Insurance Excess Protection products. Customers benefit from a new low cost and more comprehensive Car Hire Excess Policy Protection and Insurance Excess Protection for other insurance policies.

The products available on the site are:

  • Private Motor
  • Home/Contents
  • Lifestyle
  • Car Hire CDW Protection (both English and Italian versions).

Customers are able to perform the following actions through the website:

  • Obtain new Insurance Excess Protection quotes
  • Purchase Insurance Excess Protection policies for a range of insurance products.
  • Download policy documentation.

Administrators can perform the following actions on-line:

  • Edit the content pages
  • Policy search and retrieval using a range of search parameters – e.g. product name, insurer, policy start and end date, etc.
  • Administer policies, including cancel a policy
  • Download / email policy documents
  • Generate required reports, including insurer reconciliation reports and bordereaux reports (these reports include the premium amount, insurance premium tax and the insurer commissions)
  • Export policies database for selected period
  • Manage website content pages (through the Kentico CMS interface).

In addition, the Bettersafe website allows users to read and create blogs directly on the site by using Tag Cloud and Categories provided by Kentico.
The Bettersafe website has delivered a practical online “Quote and Buy” solution for insurance with clear operational benefits, allowing admin users to manage content, administer polices and to retrieve reports more efficiently, with full system reliability.
Hundreds of policies have been purchased from both the Bettersafe and ComparaMeglio sites since it was launched.
As of September 2014, new visitors to the site were 72.9% of traffic and returning visitors were 27.1%, which means more than a quarter of users were reusing the site.

Discover Digital developed this web site using the Content Management System (Kentico CMS).

The web site enables international customers to obtain quotes and purchase excess protection for private motor vehicle and commercial van insurance policies. It also offers car hire collision damage waiver protection quote and purchase. Payment clearance and documents issue are handled directly online.
This site also provides admin function for administrators who can perform the following actions on-line:

  • Secure login
  • Administering policies - Policy Details search and view, and cancelling a policy
  • Generation of required reports, including export report for insurer reconciliation in Sage 50 Account and bordereaux reports.
  • Exporting policies database for selected period.
  • Manage website content pages (through Kentico CMS interface)

Kentico custom forms and alternative forms are broadly used to build the question set page and premium confirmation page. APCO Fastpay payment gateway is integrated with Kentico site to facilitate the payment process, no actual credit card numbers are stored locally which greatly simplifies PCI-DSS compliance.  In addition, Bettersafe site utilises the Kentico components for integrating with a range of social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

This site has successfully launched private motor car excess protection product in Italy (with ComparaMeglio), and private motor car excess protection product and car hire excess protection product in the UK market.

There will be more products (e.g home/contents and lifestyle insurance waiver) introduced soon.

The web site took about three and half months to design, develop and implement.