With roots dating as far back as 1837, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) stands as the largest financial group in Jamaica. The website provides detailed product information, customer support information (including a branch/ATM locator), and a gateway into the online banking portal.

Web Responsiveness – Discover Digital had to take the existing system and redevelop it so it could run at high speed

  • Mobile Friendly – The entire site was required to be mobile friendly, which meant lots of additional time and effort went into this aspect of the project, to make it run smoothly.
  • Integration with Google Maps: The Branches Page on the Website will be integrated with Google Maps. 

This will help visitors to the site to use the ‘Find a Branch’ feature with ease

Interactive Map – Discover Digital needed to customise the map to fit with the styling of the site, and to only show branches and ATMs within the search criteria filtered by the user.

  • FX Rates – Discover Digital needed to show the current FX rate for each currency.
  • CRM Integration – Discover Digital needed to integrate the client’s
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM system into the site so when users submitted forms it would be sent to the client’s back end banking system.
  • Navigation – Discover Digital needed to add images and maps into
    the navigation. This is known as Mega Navigation.
  • News – Discover Digital needed to show all the news stories on the page, with the latest article showing first.

As a solution to the interactive map, Discover Digital decided to use Google Maps. The interactive map was
rendered using a Kentico basic repeater, with the Google Maps API implemented with it.

The Google maps API allowed the following features to be added to the clinic finder.

  • Customised Markers
  • Dynamic Updating when the user adds search criteria

As a solution to the FX rates, Discover Digital used NCB’s own web services to grab the content in order to populate a table, which then displayed all the current FX rates for each currency.

As a solution to the menu structure, Discover Digital decided to use inbuilt Kentico features. The Kentico feature Discover Digital used is called ‘Hierarchical Viewer’, which enables a user to control all the code for the menu. 

As a solution to the news page, Discover Digital created a custom page type with custom forms fields for the page content. So, the user could easily add new news stories to the site. Discover Digital also made use of the macro feature in Kentico to show the news articles in chronological order.


Working with a vendor like Discover Digital has been vital to the success of this project; they are nimble and highly responsive. Great care is taken to ensure that the solutions delivered are tailored to the specific needs of the client.

The Kentico platform has been shown to be highly customizable to implement designs provided. There are many value added features available including mobile responsiveness, geo-location mapping and the ability to integrate with other systems. There is a great suite of workflow and analytics features available which allows quick response to business needs.

Matthew Stewart