Short term car and van insurance from Policies issued online with 1 to 28 days fully comprehensive cover.

Temporary Cover is one of the market-leading providers of short-term insurance that can be purchased online for cars and vans. For example, if another driver needs to borrow your car or van or you need to drive another vehicle for a few days, temporary insurance provides protection. Using a quick and easy online comparative quote process, you can find an affordable and accurate temporary insurance quote. Temporary Cover also operates a completely transparent pricing policy, meaning that the price you are quoted is the price you pay. Also, specific facilities for Agency usage are provided.

The online insurance system can be used for the insurance of:

  • instant online cover
  • temporary additional drivers (including overseas visitors)
  • temporary additional cars or vans
  • unaccompanied vehicle demonstrations or use of courtesy cars
  • lending a car or van to a friend, colleague or relative
  • immediate drive-away insurance following the purchase of a car or van
  • selecting favourite and reputable insurers
  • finding the best possible price in the market.

Temporary Cover is available for:

  • a wide range of vehicles, including cherished and classic cars, test drives and the armed forces
  • any car or van you can drive with a standard UK driving licence (over 6 months), even a Provisional driving licence
  • any person with a UK, European or other full driving licences (over 12 months)
  • any insurance period from 1-28 days
  • drivers aged 21 – 75 years (or 23 as a secondary driver), depending on the selected insurer
  • general insurance intermediaries who are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (and appear on the database) operating on behalf of their clients to arrange Temporary Motor Insurance for cars and vans.

Payment is taken online, and documents can be printed as soon as the transaction is completed.

The system can be used directly by end users but is positioned primarily as a tool for Agents. Agents can register to use the system and receive a commission for policies written.


  • Series of input screens to collect information
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Dynamic Document Generation
  • Online Account Management 
  • Systems Integrations

The application uses the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server.

The comprehensive input required to issue a policy is collected using a series of input screens in a secure step-by-step process. Input is simplified by the use of Web Services for postcode address and vehicle registration lookups.

Online payment clearance is implemented using a payment page hosted by The Logic Group (the Retail System Awards Winners 2010) payment gateway service. This returns a token for the transaction and ongoing administration of the policy can be managed without any need to store credit card details on the web application server, thus transferring the PCIDSS compliance requirement to The Logic Group.

Documents are dynamically generated as PDFs and made available for immediate download, as well as emailed directly to the policyholder.

Agents can register with Temporary Cover. On registration, the Agent is issued with a User ID and password to access a private administration section and is able to retrieve stored quotations for further processing and to set commission rates and minimum commissions.

All data input is SSL secured with a Verisign/Thawte Secure Server certificate. Policies and vehicle files are submitted to the MID database and an accounting file is submitted to the Temporary Cover Ltd. accounting system, both daily and automatically.

It is important to help the user to complete the insurance application in a speedy and accurate fashion. Temporary Cover licenses the Postcode Address File (PAF) from Royal Mail. This is hosted in a series of database tables, and a postcode look-up web service is provided. The lookup service was developed by Discover IT to access the address information. In addition, a web service hosted by CarweB is used to access vehicle information from the entered vehicle registration. On the rare occasions when a vehicle is not returned by CarweB, a vehicle "builder" is provided using the ABI Code44 (cars) and Code44V (vans) tables.

Tempcover uses an online fraud protection service which is provided by Discover IT. It uses a 3-stage screening process that has achieved a very impressive improvement in the loss ratio for the Temporary Cover product and helps to ensure that the insurance quotations achieve excellent value for money.

 Over the intervening years, a series of add-on products were incorporated, and re-branding was implemented for several essential intermediaries.

The Temporary Cover Web site was completed on budget and went live in early-2006, it has been operating successfully, and a steady stream of enhancements has been provided since. Arguably, it is the most successful online temporary cover vehicle insurance service in the United Kingdom today.