A product website for BTG plc, a global specialist healthcare company. The site contains information for patients and healthcare professionals on the product Varithena® for varicose vein treatment.

The Varithena US Website falls within the BTG Plc umbrella of websites, under the Interventional Vascular group. Although the drug is available in Canada this quote covers only the US geography. No other content for any other geographies is in the scope of this quote. The four main goals of this site are:

  •  Website Content: The Website needed to have two sides to it, one for the Health Care Professionals and one for the Patients.
  • Security: HCP will only be able to gain access to their content through a confirmation prompt.
  • Integration with Google Maps: The ‘Doctors Page’ on the patient part of the website will be integrated with Google Maps. This will enable patients to use the ‘Find a Doctor’ feature with ease.
  • Mobile Optimisation: The website will be fully mobile optimised and in line with the BTG-IM umbrella websites. A set of devices will be supported including IOS, Android, and Windows

Some of the challenges encountered included integrating the JavaScript functions into the web parts and the development of a custom web part that would auto update with additional physicians:

  • Web Responsiveness
  • Mobile Friendly: The entire site was required to be mobile friendly which meant lots of additional time and effort went into this aspect of the project to make it run smoothly
  • Interactive Map: the map should be customised to fit with the styling of the site, and to only show doctors within the area searched by the 
  • user

Design and Responsiveness development.
After finishing the initial planning phase, concentration turned to the design requirements. Smartphone and tablet use has increased rapidly, so making the site work on a range of devices was critical. To that end, attention was paid to making the responsive design work for all devices. Discover Digital created fluid grid-based layouts. Kentico also uses Bootstrap for the back end that is very useful for rapid design development. The site is easy to manage and customisable. The website allows users to access an array of information quickly and the nature of the site requires everything to run quickly and smoothly.