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Ifigenia Arampelou
Director of Digital Transformation

Elevate Your Digital Landscape with Expert Guidance

Discover Digital, an award-winning agency, stands out for its proficiency in Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, UX Design, Solutions Architecture, Website Development and Support & Maintenance Services.

Specializing in Digital Transformation, we empower businesses across diverse sectors, including Healthcare, Finance, Membership Organizations and Education, helping them achieve their digital goals. Our team operates across locations and time zones, dedicated to accelerating your digital journey.

If you're considering hosting a Transformative Digital Strategy Workshop, you're in the right place!

The Challenge

Understanding Your Pain Points

As an organization, you have specific targets and objectives. Safeguarding existing income, generating new revenue, and maintaining company values are paramount. Today's clients demand high standards and personalized service delivery, and you must cater to everyone, regardless of size.

Internal operations often suffer from manual processes, and your digital landscape might be riddled with multiple systems and unnecessary complexity. It's time to redirect your teams' energy towards delivering value, rather than wrestling with work instructions and spreadsheet updates. Frequently, the digital landscape has evolved reactively, with pieces put together tactically rather than stemming from a well-defined strategy.

The Solution

How We Can Help You

Our workshops guide you from your current state to your envisioned future state. Ranging from 2 to 5 days, our workshops cover:

Digital Strategy Workshop Agenda

  • Your Digital Goals
  • Your current position ("as-is")
  • Your current Digital Landscape
  • Identifying pain-points
  • Your future position ("to-be")
  • Proposed Solutions
  • Your future Digital Landscape

Digital Strategy Outputs - What You'll Gain

  • Research outputs, stakeholder interview results, and competitor analysis
  • Understanding your target clients, their personas, needs, and how you'll fulfil them
  • Interactive wireframes of proposed solutions using tools like Figma
  • Requirements for new systems and processes, and potential RFPs
  • Future digital landscape architecture, including key elements like website, apps, CMS, CRM, third-party integrations, and hosting
  • Roadmap for the future, inclusive of timescales and costs
  • The Time and the Place

Our workshops are flexible, conducted online through video conferencing tools, or face-to-face sessions where we can meet you and your team in person.

Book your introductory call today, and one of our highly experienced Digital Consultants will guide you through our process and explain the next steps. Let's kickstart your Digital Transformation journey today!