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Ifigenia Arampelou
Director of Digital Transformation

Review Your Digital Landscape

Discover Digital is an award-winning Digital Agency with a core focus on UX, Solutions Architecture, Systems Integration and Support & Maintenance Services.  We are working across industries and have specialisations in the Healthcare, Finance, Membership Organisations and Education Space. We are a fully remote team, location and time-zone agnostic, ready to help you with your digital transformation plans.

We know that as an organisation, you have some key targets and objectives. You need to protect your existing income and generate new revenue, and in parallel, stay true to your company values. Today’s clients seek a high standard and personalised service delivery, and you need to support everyone, big or small.  

Your internal operations are hindered by manual processes, and more than often, your digital landscape contains multiple systems and unnecessary complexity. You need to get your teams to channel their energy to deliver value rather than fight with work instructions and spreadsheet updates. Quite often, the digital landscape has grown as your needs changed, and different pieces have been put together as a tactical move rather than as an output of a well thought and defined strategy.

Our workshops will walk you through your position today and take you to the place you want to get to in the future.

Digital Strategy Workshop Content

  • Your digital goals 
  • Your current position “as-is”
  • Your current digital landscape 
  • Your pain-points 
  • Your future position “to-be” 
  • Proposed Solutions 
  • Your future digital landscape

Digital Strategy Outputs

  • Research outputs, results of stakeholders interviews and competitor analysis 
  • Your target clients, their personas, their needs and how you will fulfil them
  • Wireframes of proposed solutions 
  • Your future digital landscape architecture including key elements such as your  website, apps, CMS, CRM, Integrations with 3rd parties and your hosting 
  • Roadmap for the future 

We are a fully remote team, and we can run our workshops online via our video conferencing tools. We can also have face-to-face sessions when required, but if that’s not possible due to the current situation with Covid19, we can guarantee you the same workshop outputs and values through our remote sessions.