Digital Strategy Workshop 

Fixed price 2,000-5,000 USD/ 1,600-4,000 GBP

Duration 2-5 days 

Is your business looking to transform but do not know where to start? We are here to help! Our fixed price Digital Strategy Workshop is the best entry point for crafting your Digital Transformation Strategy. 

Digital Strategy Workshop Sample Agenda 

  • Your Digital goals 
  • Your current position “as-is”
  • Your current Digital landscape 
  • Your pain-points 
  • Your future position “to-be” 
  • Your future digital landscape

Digital Strategy Sample Outputs

  • Research outputs, results of stake-holder interviews and competitor analysis 
  • Your ideal clients, their personas, their needs and how you will fulfil them
  • Wireframes 
  • Digital landscape architecture including core systems such as  website, apps, CMS, CRM, Integrations with 3rd parties  and hosting
  • Action Plan prioritised in terms of cost benefit and feasibility 
  • Roadmap for the future 

We know that as a business you have some key targets and objectives. You need to protect your existing income, generate new revenue and in parallel stay true to your company values.

Customers are seeking  high standards and personalised service delivery and you need to support everyone big or small.  Your internal operations are hindered by manual processes and more than often your digital landscape contains multiple systems and unnecessary complexity. 

You need to get your teams to channel their energy to deliver value rather than fight with work instructions and spreadsheet manipulations. Quite often the digital landscape has grown as your company grew and different pieces have been put together as a tactical move rather than from a well thought and defined strategy. Leadership has changed and moved on and you are left with a mess that's needs cleaning. We are here to help! 

We can run our workshops on a fully on-line basis as well as  in-person face to face sessions. We have a team of experts ready to listen to you and create a roadmap for solving your current issues and creating new and exciting opportunities for the future.