A global implementation available in seven languages, providing personalised Risk Management products and Safety Resources to the 20 million Adventist Church members. 

The main objective of the Adventist Risk Management website was to expand their existing website to reach all regional markets, domestic and international. Content had to be customized based on the region and translated into multiple languages. The footprint would extend to six regional markets with a total of seven different languages.

The primary objectives for the Adventist Risk Management Website were:

  • Global reach, extend to six Regional Markets
  • Customized content based on Region
  • Website localization in seven languages and streamline of the translation process and content population
  • Streamlined navigation features
  • Website fully responsive across devices and platforms
  • Login to the Insurance Back End system via Kentico (single sign-on)
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Microsoft Azure hosting

The Adventistrisk.org website is a world-class implementation and inevitably came with several challenges. Some of the highlights are described below:

There were two choices:

  • Single Website
  • Multiple Websites

There were benefits for each approach, and the decision was based on the type of content, how common content is for each region and how the content is managed within the organisation. 

Country and Language Selector: Agree on the approach of the country and language selector.

URL Structure: There were a few options available for the URL structure:

  • Country-Specific, e.g., adventistrisk.ca/fr
  • Subdomains, e.g., fr-ca. adventistrisk.org
  • Subdirectories, e.g., adventistrisk.org/fr-ca
  • URL Parameters, e.g., adventistrisk.org?lang=fr&loc=Ca

The challenge was to select the correct one for the needs of this implementation.

Localisation and Content Population: There were several options:

  • Machine Translations.
  • Manual Translations. Content is translated offline, and it’s manually populated in Kentico.
  • Automatic Translations through a Kentico Integration with a translations company.
  • Automatic Translations through an existing Kentico Integration (translations.com).

Active Directory Integration: ARM had a requirement to integrate Kentico with their Active Directory so ARM employees could use their AD credentials to log into Kentico.

Microsoft Azure: The solution needed to be hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Responsiveness: The website needed to be fully mobile optimised and work on various devices and platforms. 

Architecture: Based on ARM’s requirements, both from a technical and business point of view, the decision was made to go with the Single Website Architecture. Every page that is created is assigned to one or more regions and that forms the deciding point of what content will be displayed in what region.

Country and Language Selector: When the user lands on the homepage (adventistrisk.org), geo IP lookup occurs to check if it is different to the culture subfolder. If this is the case, the country/language selector is displayed to the user to allow to change to the correct culture. The home has been defaulted to the EN-US Culture. In terms of the design, Discover Digital developed a custom web part, which uses a third-party map component alongside Kentico’s standard controls such as drop downs. When a user selects a country and language, the user is redirected to a valid Kentico Culture.

Localization and Content Population: Discover Digital and ARM worked through each option and made the decision to proceed with localization through Translations.com, which has an existing integration with Kentico and allows for pages to be automatically submitted for translation in multiple languages. When the translations have been completed through the Kentico integration, the content is automatically populated in the appropriate culture. Anything that cannot be submitted through the integration is manually populated. This content is a small percentage.

Active Directory Integration: Discover Digital used the Kentico Active Directory Import Utility to import the existing users into the new website. Using standard Kentico settings, the site allows users to log in using their already existing credentials. Consultation with Microsoft and Kentico was used to complete the integration.

Responsiveness: Discover used a lightweight and modular front-end framework that allows for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. It also has vast browser support, meaning that UIkit will work on pretty much any modern browser. All images and files of each page on the site have been optimized and are below the recommended size of 3MB. This prevents slow load times.

Microsoft Azure: The website is hosted on an Azure VM instance (Windows Server 2012 R2/SQL server 2016).


“When our team went searching for the right vendor to create our new website, we corresponded with many options. When it came down to our final decision, Discover Digital was our choice for the vendor who has experience with the Kentico platform and provided innovative solutions to the challenges we presented.

Working with Discover Digital to create our new Kentico website has been a fantastic experience. Discover Digital has worked with our team to provide the exact results we are looking for and make themselves available almost instantaneously when we need them. Because of their support, we can utilize what the Kentico platform has to offer.”

Anna Bartlett | Website Manager | Washington DC | Adventist Risk Management®, Inc.