Ascend to Wholeness is an activity-based lifestyle and wellness program focusing on whole-person health. It provides comprehensive care coordination, biometrics screenings, wellness assessments, personalised health coaching, a wellness portal and many educational opportunities.

The website details the healthcare plans they provide for both members and employees. The site also provides details of how employers can manage their plans through the benefits and health care administration management system bswift.

Ascend to Wholeness already had an existing site running on WordPress. The website was to be migrated to the Kentico Platform.

The website needed to be redesigned to include everything you need to get the most out of your health care plan. Find all your health care information and member services.

The main objective was to have an Employer and Employee section. Having these two distinct sections enabled Ascend To Wholeness to provide the user with the ability to choose which part of the website they wanted to visit.

The primary objectives for Ascend to Wholeness were to:

  • Be multilingual with the website being delivered in both English and Spanish content with integration with
  • Have a compact and appealing way to display multiple documents
  • Implement a beautiful, clean, logical interface that is easy to navigate and update, designed consistent with brand guidelines
  • Design the site to expand for future added content
  • Connected to
  • Have smart search integration

Discover Digital faced many challenges throughout the development of the project. These included making the website responsive, mobile optimization, and using Microsoft Azure as a hosting solution.

  • Web Responsiveness and Mobile-friendly – Discover Digital had to make the site responsive to look great on all devices and screen sizes. The entire site was also required to be mobile-friendly, which meant lots of additional time and effort went into this aspect of the project to make it run smoothly.
  • Single-Sign-On – There was a requirement for single-sign-on functionality.
  • Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Azure was required during the development of the project.
  • Smart Search – As the site contained lots of content in tabulation style design, each tab needed to be individually searchable and when search terms were clicked, the page would open with that specific tab.

Discover Digital put a lot of time and effort into providing the best solutions to all challenges to ensure that no further action would be required later on and that they were using the best possible solutions.

As a solution to the Web Responsiveness, Discover Digital decided to use UIkit. UIkit is a lightweight and modular front-end framework, which allows for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. It also has vast browser support meaning that UIkit will work on pretty much any modern browser. This gave Discover Digital confidence knowing that the site would look and work as it should across the board.

As a solution to making the site Mobile Friendly, Discover Digital made sure that all images and files of each page on the site was below the recommended size of 3MB, for optimal performance. This helped to prevent slow load times.

As a solution for Microsoft Azure, Discover Digital decided to make us of the cloud hosting during the development of the site so that they could quickly deploy changes made locally and Adventist Risk Management were able to access the site quickly to see progress and do their testing. Adventist Risk management also host their database with Azure.

The website is hosted on an Azure VM instance (Windows Server 2012 R2/SQL server 2016).