The BETA program is aimed towards any healthcare professionals that are working with, around or near radiation. The online tool acts as the enabler for the education, audit and training to take place.

The βETA programme online tool website will be developed using Kentico and hosted on BTG’s servers. It will be supported by BTG IT in terms of Information Security. When operational, it will be part of  Discover Digital’s Kentico Website Support agreement.

The key objectives of this programme were:

  • To increase understanding and awareness of potential radiation exposure when performing SIRT with TheraSphere® and provide risk  education
  • To provide advice on best practice for all steps in the process
  • To offer an educational initiative to help train others regarding the potential risk of exposure to radiation and ways to reduce this risk
  • To provide audit tools to enable staff to undertake simple measures that can assess current staff performance and exposure to radiation; this will allow improvements to be made and reduce environmental exposure

The client set a strict deadline for the development of this site, so the primary challenge was to meet this deadline whilst meeting all requirements.

One challenge was filling the custom tables with all the question and answer matrix, and testing of it to make sure that correct answers gave the correct scores.

Due to Kentico’s ease of use and comprehensive API we were able to develop this application within the time constraints. The vast majority of the website development used Kentico Web Parts, for example, the screenshot below uses a repeater to display the users’ scores for each module. The website uses responsive design so that it can be used on mobile with the same functionalities as it would have on desktop.