A product website for BTG plc, a global specialist healthcare company. The site contains information on the product CroFab® a snakebite antivenom drug. 

Web Responsiveness – Discover Digital had to take the existing system and redevelop it so it could run at high speeds.

  • Mobile Friendly – The entire site was required to be mobile friendly, which meant lots of additional time and effort went into this aspect of the project, to make it run smoothly.
  • Integration with Google Maps: The Branches Page on the Website will be integrated with Google Maps. 

This will help visitors to the site to use the ‘Find a Branch’ feature with ease

Originally, the website was developed using traditional Microsoft technologies. The goal was to redevelop the website to a more contemporary standard using Kentico’s development platform and web responsive practices. We had two big overall goals, these included creating a mobile-friendly Map of snakes in the USA and a mobile-optimised step-by-step treatment algorithm.

Requirements Understanding and Planning.

After studying the specification for the project and understanding the client’s requirements, it was decided to use our own servers to host the new website as it is easily scalable, flexible, able to respond well to fluctuating demand, and secure. 

Design and Responsiveness development.

After finishing the initial planning phase, concentration turned to the design requirements. Smartphone and tablet use has increased rapidly, so making the site work on a range of devices was critical. To that end, attention was paid to making the responsive design work for all devices. Discover Digital created fluid grid based layouts. Kentico also uses Bootstrap for the back-end that is very useful for rapid design development. The site is easy to manage and customizable. 

The website allows users to access an array of information quickly and the nature of the site requires everything to run quickly and smoothly.