Migrate UK is a specialist immigration firm that helps businesses get the talent they need to grow and thrive. With the help of Discover Digital, they have created a modern digital platform that provides job seekers, employees, and agencies with a streamlined experience.

  • A flexible and easy to use CMS
  • Spin up new sites quickly and independently
  • Easily Integrate other tools with the CMS

  • Lack of flexibility from a traditional CMS
  • Outdated design 
  • Challenging to integrate with other systems or scale 

Migrate UK helps employers find the talent they need for roles that are difficult to fill, and has already processed over 6,500 skilled worker visa applications. As immigration specialists, they find talent worldwide and assist in pairing employees with the jobs where they’re needed most. 

Migrate UK’s website is a key channel for finding recruiters, employees, and employers who need help navigating complex immigration challenges. And with a tightening labour market, it’s more important than ever that their website provides an unparalleled digital experience to their audiences.

When they started to feel the limitations of their traditional, monolithic CMS, they turned to Discover Digital for help in transitioning to a more modern, futureproofed platform.

Hats off to headless

Migrate UK was using a traditional CMS to power their website, but it didn’t have the flexibility they wanted for their future vision. They needed a solution that would allow for their chosen site design, but also something that would empower their content editors to spin up new pages rapidly and independently. 

Discover Digital suggested switching to a headless approach to content management to achieve their goals. Going headless means removing the coupling of the content from the presentation layer, which provides  complete flexibility in how their content is displayed.

Choosing a headless CMS also means a switch to highly structured content, which would allow Migrate UK to create content that can then be easily reused across new pages. A headless CMS is API-first and can rapidly integrate with other tools that would make up Migrate UK’s new, modern tech stack.

Discover Digital and Migrate UK decided on Kontent.ai as the headless CMS for this project, since it provides an intuitive user interface, an easy onboarding for new users, and complete flexibility for developers.

Introducing a modern, scaleable, future-proof platform

Discover Digital worked together with Migrate UK to prepare the UX, architecture, digital strategy, and implementation. They decided on using Gatsby as their frontend, with the new site hosted on Gatsby Cloud.

Components were created for the frontend mirroring the content model in Kontent.ai. That approach allows  editors to create a new page without the need to rely on developer support. They can simply reuse the components designed and created for them. 

The process of getting the new website up and running was remarkably fast. Onboarding new users into Kontent.ai took just one training session. The implementation of the new technology was delivered in less than 5 weeks on time for an important regulatory deadline. 

The new site, powered by Kontent.ai,  provides a significantly faster and modern experience to the customers. Migrate UK has complete control over their content, and the ability to update and edit content without any external help. Most to the point, Migrate UK now has the ability to rapidly grow their digital presence, thanks to the scalability provided by a headless approach.


Kontent.ai has been a game-changer for us. We absolutely love the product! It has revolutionized our website development process, enabling us to launch a brand new site in record time. The flexibility and ease-of-use of Kontent.ai have empowered us to create a state-of-the-art architecture that perfectly aligns with our vision. Ifigenia Arampelou - Director of Digital Transformation