Pay-per-click advertising is a key part of your marketing strategy. We have years of experience in the set up and running of complex PPC campaigns that can lead to increasing your website traffic, showcase your brand and increase your revenue and sales.

We can create campaigns in multiple languages having a good understanding of the UK, US and Greek markets. We have a flexible pricing model that is bespoke to your specific needs and it covers the set-up and the ongoing management, optimisation and reporting of your campaigns. As we are full service agency we can advice further on how to track and integrate your campaigns with the rest of your digital estate.  We do not lock you in multi- year contracts but work with you to design a commercial model that fits your organisation and needs. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is a great platform to bring traffic to your website and relevant landing pages. We have an established Discovery Process where we work with you to understand your business and your aspirations, your target audiences and your advertisement goals. We can set up Google Search and Google Display adverts, propose a set of keywords, help you curate your content and target your ads to your ideal customers. We have regular reviews to manage performance and make interventions and adjustments to ensure your campaigns are successful, your money is spent wisely and you are seeing the very much desirable return on investment. As a recognised Google Partner we are kept up-to-date with the ever changing state of affairs in the Google world and can proactively take actions to keep your campaigns up-to-date and relevant.


Meta Advertising

Social Media is a great tool to connect with your ideal clients. Meta advertising has evolved significantly in the last few years with technology that allows you to reach your target audience and showcase how you can be useful to them. Depending on the nature of your business your Meta advertising can be the driving or complementary piece of your marketing plan and we have the skills and working experience to help you design your social media campaigns.


LinkedIn Sponsored Post and Advertising

LinkedIn is a another brilliant tool for reaching your ideal clients with strategic content and adverts. It is proved to be more effective on the B2B space due to the nature of the platform. We can design campaigns for you to reach decision makers that are looking to solve various problems and are in the search for vendors like you. Reaching direct to the people with the power to purchase is the best way to witness conversions and maximise your ROI.



Remarketing is very powerful when you want to re-connect with visitors that had expressed interest to your business before but they were not ready to make a decision or decided to take another path at the time. We can design specific campaigns for this audience that can awake their interest and remind them of what your business can do for them.