Discover Digital has been operating in the Digital Space since 1995, one of the few Digital Agencies in the market with such a long tenure. What differentiates us from the rest of the agencies is the diversity of experience and skills of our people. We have seen and lived Digital for long enough to be in a position to help you Transform and realise your Business Goals. We don’t talk about Strategy and Transformation. We make it happen.

Change is the ONLY Constant

The Discover Digital - Digital Strategy revolves around our 10 point approach:

1. What is your overall Business Strategy and Goals

2. What is your current Digital State (”as is” state)

3. What are the pain points that you experience today 

4. What are your Digital Goals 

5. How do your Digital Goals support your overall business goals

6. What is the organization’s appetite to change 

7. Where do you want to get to (“to be” state) and how this will look like

8. When you do want to get there (what are your timescales)

9. How much are you prepared to spend to get there 

10. How will your organization need to look like to support the new Digital landscape 

Although these may seem as simple and straight forward questions, their answers hold the key to the content that will shape and build your Digital Strategy.


Key components of Your Digital Strategy

It takes a lot of work, collaboration and dedication but here is a snippet of the contents of your Digital Strategy.

  1. Overview
  2.  Benchmark
  3. Stakeholders and Empathy
  4. The Recommendations
  5. Data
  6. Value
  7. Time  
  8. Org Change
  9. Risks
  10. Cyber Security

Let's begin your Digital Transformation Journey together. You are in safe hands.